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    Please look here if you met log in issue in Extension Builder

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      The original question is here: 

      Unable to sign in to CS Extension Builder http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1164738?start=0&tstart=0


      It is for EB2.0 login issue only, but some replies said they have login issue after migrating to EB2.1, most replies said "same issuw" - I am not sure which one you are as same as?


      I write this post to get more information, and we will look into the issue in priority.

      So if you meet login issue, please reply which login issue you are meeting:


      1. You are using EB2.0, and you cannot login EB2.0 anymore. Exactly same as the original post http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1164738?start=0&tstart=0

      Please make sure your account is valid in the same time.


      2. You were using EB2.0, and migrated to EB2.1, then you cannot login EB2.1.

           Please discribe your steps to reproduce this issue with screenshots.


      Thank you all to provide the information, which may help us investigate more efficiently.




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          Indeed, you are correct, some of the posts on the thread were relative to 2.0 and some for 2.1. But, in both cases, the authentication issues are the same: attempts to use EB (compile, change project properties) force an authentication dialog that never authenticates. I don't have screenshots for you because I have downgraded to 2.0 and the entire install process is so time-consuming that it has already cost us project downtime, so I am hoping simple steps to replicate are sufficient (if not, let me know and I will do a weekend install for the purposes of demonstration):


          1 Uninstall the current FB install.

          2 Install EB 2.1 (Mac, OS 10.8.4), which includes FB 4.6 and CS 2.1

          3 Import a current CSEB-based project into the workspace.

          4 As FB attempts to rebuild the workspace, it throws up an authentication dialog (CSIDE1 is the window title) asking for Adobe ID and password.

          5 Enter valid credentials and click to authenticate.

          6 You are returned to FB...where authentication re-spawns any time you interact with tools used by EB (i.e., compiler, manifest builder, properties, etc.)


          Now, in all other cases where interaction is required with Adobe for the purposes of authentication, all goes swimmingly. I don't know whether these are permissions issues (doesn't seem likely, although I haven't tested that theory), the result of a poor uninstall (not likely either)....I just know there's no way to use the IDE unless you turn off automatic builds and don't interact with anything related to EB, which pretty much rules out the development process.


          Upon downgrading to EB 2.0 (i.e., uninstall of FB, install of 2.0), all is fine with the world.


          Again, if this information is insufficient, don't hesitate to ask for more.

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            I am suddenly now having this problem today myself -- using EB2.  Is there a way around this?  I'm stuck and can't use debug my CS plug-in for InDesign.

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              It's back!  I am having this problem again -- any ideas?

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                If you are part of the Adobe Technology Partner Program, you should have access to a licensing-free version. Contact me for details.


                Best regards,