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    feature request - authortime sharing


      I notice authortime sharing was removed from flash pro CC. This is the one and only missing feature holding back my company from upgrading to the newest version of flash pro. I understand adobe bases decisions on the aggregate, but I figured I'd get my request in and hope there are enough similar requests. Authortime sharing is the glue that holds our asset pipeline together, and we're very disappointed to see the Authortime Sharing section has been removed from the Symbol Properties dialog box. To be clear, we do NOT use flash pro projects. We only use the ability to share a symbol from a source file (and the "Update automatically" checkbox.)


      Any of the artists can make changes in one of the "shared assets" xfls, and they know those changes will be automatically propagated to the production xfls which use those assets before they are compiled (in fact, as soon as they are opened - we use the "Update automatically" checkbox.) It's a huge waste of time (and error-prone) to manually copy over assets from one of the "shared assets" xfls to each production xfl that uses the assets, every time an artist makes a small change.


      We thought about using runtime shared libraries for the shared assets, but we came to the conclusion authortime sharing is better, for 2 main reasons.  First, the artists find it indispensable to be able to preview and work with the shared assets within the production xfls. Second, since the shared assets are compiled into the production swfs, only the 1 swf file needs to be loaded by visitors to our site; we've found that each additional asset load has some small chance of failure. It's quite odd runtime shared libraries were included in flash pro CC, but not authortime sharing.


      Please add this crucial feature back, or we'll be stuck with CS6, and we really do like the much faster, more responsive experience of CC. I'm curious what gave you the impression authortime sharing is not an important feature. It seems like you're serious about the future of flash pro, and authortime sharing is necessary to use it in our production pipeline. Please add it back.