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    Help me to best allocate drive resources for scratch disks between 4-6 drives on my system?

    MD Optofonik Level 1

      I have several 7200 RPM drives as follows


      • OS/Program drive


      • Audio drive (367 GB free space & used for Cubase in conjunction with another OS drive; my OS drives are removable because it's simpler than partitioning)


      • Video drive (237GB free space)


      • Still Image drive (246GB free space)


      • Audio Sampler drive (100GB free space)



      I'll be adding two separate 2TB eSATA drives in a short while.


      After reading page 39 in. "An Editor's Guide", I'm still trying to determine where best to put my preview, capture, and project files in order to spread throughput loads to various drives. Now, I know this isn't ideal, the limited amount of space available will be a point of contention for the "can't do" crowd. The "can do" crowd will, however, be able to see solutions where the "can't do" crowd only sees reasons to fail. Also, I'm in the process of freeing up space on varios drives (except the on the Audio Sampler drive) by backing up some old files so there's some wiggle room.


      As always, thanks in advance.