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    Accepting Merchant Account Payments w/FormsCentral


      I have clients that sell professional services with 6 or fewer service offerings. Typical shopping cart solutions seem to be a hassle and more for multiple item online stores.


      I did not have a good experience with FomrsCentral in the summer of 2012, finding it lacking in design freedom. Being a graphic designer and not a programmer I am able to design great sites using Adobe Muse, but Muse falls way short on application functionality widgets that are popular and in demand, one being forms regardless of the recent upgrade. I am reconsidering FormsCentral or will consider any solution this post may provide.The recent Muse upgrade now offering forms anywhere is a great addition but there is still a lot missing. I have 2 questions:


      1.) I want to allow form submitters to upload a file "Attachment" how can I make this happen?


      2.) I need an easy to create payment solution that I can integrate with Muse that allows me to set-up payment for services using a regular merchant gateway solution other than PayPal. Is FormsCentral payment feature only for PayPal Premier and Business accounts or can other merchant processing gateways solutions be used? If not, is there another solution that anyone can recommend?