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    Premiere CC still not using thm files for DSLR timecode?

    billyphoto Level 1

      I'm looking to confirm that Premiere Pro CC still does not use the thm sidecar files from Canon DSLR mov files to extract time of day timecode when importing. I know in PP CS6 it did not. Just checking to see if that is still the case. Currently all DSLR files import with 00:00:00:00 timecode as technically most DSLR cameras do not create real timecode in the mov files.


      My workaround for the past few years has been to use qtChange to add camera time of day timecode from the thm files to the mov files before importing into Premiere. It may not seem like a big deal, but when sending edits to a colorist, for example, they LOVE some sort of timecode to help on their end. I should add that qtChange also can add a reel name to the mov files, which is an additional nicety for color grading software.


      It would be great to skip that extra step before importing.


      I'm heading over to the wishlist now to request this feature in future PP updates.


      Thank you!