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    PE11: VERY loud/distorted Audio after exporting


      Hello there.


      Please excuse my bad english. I hope you will understand everything.


      Since a few days I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 11. Everething works fine, despite the audio after exporting a video.

      While editing, everything is normal. I adjust the loudness to my likings. But after exporting everything is way to loud and distorted.

      So far I was only able to solve the problem with turning down the volume by -30db for the soundtrack, and -15db for the commentary.

      Like that, the export is fine. But in the editing-window, watching the preview, I cant hear anything. Also if I use the automatic adjustment (Soundtrack = background, commentary = foreground) everything is distorted even more (though I'd really like to use this feature, because the workflow would be so much quicker/easier)


      That's not what I expected. Its just a bad workflow. I want to hear/see the final result before exporting. Also, the video easily becomes distorted, when beeing adjusted with contrast, brightness etc. (also only after export. looks fine in the Preview). Btw, I do render before exporting.


      Am I doing something wrong? How can I solve this problem?


      Camera: Canon T3i (600D) (FullHD 24p)

      Commentary: Voice over Samsung Note 2 (Zoom H1 soon)

      Soundtrack: MP3 files (High Quality)


      I already tried exporting to flash (for youtube), and mpeg. No difference.


      Hopefully you can help me.