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    Using Captivate 3 Trial via Parallels on a Mac

      I've downloaded the 30-day version of Captivate 3 and am getting the hang of it in preparation for a contract job. I've used earlier versions and I can see that there are a number of improvements, but...text captions are not automatically generated when I record in demo mode. I've confirmed that the settings are correct in Preferences. I'm wondering if this is a function of having the trial version (the easy answer) and/or running Captivate on a virtual machine on my Mac. Many thanks for any help.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Greg

          I don't believe it's any limitation of the trial version. I conducted a class recently where Captivate was used in Parallels running on the new Intel based Macs.

          I've conducted several classes where Intel Macs are used, but in almost every case before this one, BootCamp was used instead of Parallels. I do have to say that after observing behavior between the two types of operating, that the BootCamp approach seemed to be the "less quirkier" of the two. Because of this, assuming that all your settings are correct, I'd have to suspect having Parallels in the picture.

          Cheers... Rick
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            gregsanders Level 1
            Thanks Rick,

            I have heard good things about Boot Camp and will have to check it out. Parallels can be a bit clunky getting started, but seems okay once it finally gets rolling.

            I've done some experimenting and discovered my original issue was a fairly simple, though surprising, one. I was creating a demo using Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 as the object, and Captivate did not auto-generate captions based on that application. However, when I created a demo using Microsoft Word, it did auto-generate captions. I suppose I should have tried this earlier! So, thankfully, the issue does not seem to be Parallels or the trial version.

            Thanks again.