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    Errors Sending Audio to Audition

    Xoxidine Level 1

      The Issue

      Selecting "Edit > Edit in Adobe Audition" from within B Video composition (which contains a video file) while in B Frame composition (which contains B Video composition) results in the following errors:


      After Effects can't continue: damaged i/o structure.


      ( 39 :: 113 )







      Clicking ok then says



      Before quitting, you have one chance to save your project (don't use the same

      name as the original).







      Which is quite terrifying



      Choosing to save or hitting cancel results in the application closing.



      What I was trying to do

      I'm just trying to send some audio to Audition for editing. I did it once and it brought over my in and out points based on how I cropped it, which was perfect. Doing it a second time on another video however, did not bring over the in and out points but the audio for the entire video file. What am I missing?