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    Referencing wrong Timeline?

    joesmithf1 Level 1
      Hi, Please help!
      On this page: http://www.dcssound.com/Kelly%20Website/intro.html, go to the Product tab, and select the "In-Wall Speaker" then select "LEW Series" and click on it. Notice NOTHING happens.

      On this page: http://www.dcssound.com/Kelly%20Website/product.swf
      Do the same thing; select "In-Wall Speaker" then "LEW Series" and click. Nothing a list of speakers NOW SHOWS.

      There is NOTHING as far as coding and design between these two pages. the ONLY different is that in the "Intro.html" page, I placed product.swf inside it(using a loader component).

      The codes where I load the "LEW Series" images is this:

      lew.onRelease = function(){

      Why does it work when it is in produc.swf itself but does not work when it is int Intro.html?

      Thank you.