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    Nvidia Open GL driver error when Photoshop CC is open

    Mrs Chrissy

      New PC, bought predominantly for Photoshop use. Downloaded trial of Photoshop CC and it keeps closing with this message -


      "Nvidia Open GL Driver detected a problem with the display driver and is unable to continue. Tha application must close. Error Code 3"

      This has happened with Photoshop just being open, as well as when in use.


      If I untick "use graphics processor", I have no problems. My use of Photoshop is fairly basic (processing and editing photographs from a Nikon D7100), so I don't know what I will miss if I don't use the graphics processor.


      Intel i7-3770 Quad Core (3.4ghz 8mb cache)

      16gb DDR3 1866 mhz

      2GB Nvidia GeForce GTX660 graphics card

      Windows 7 professional 64 bit


      I have updated the graphics card driver, which made no difference. Can anyone help with suggestions of why I'm getting the error, and what I can do about it please?


      Thank you