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    ZXP Not Created in Extension Builder 2.1 for an Extension Created in Extension Builder 1.5

    mlavie Level 1

      Hi all,


      We originally started creating InDesign extensions "manually" several years ago, as we did not yet want to pay for the original Extenson Builer 1.0. We produced our ZXP files from the contents of the bin-debug folder using Fabien Bizot's Java-based "ZXPPackager" utililty (http://www.lafabrick.com/),


      When we finally installed Extension Builder 1.5, we had some problems creating ZXP with the built-in exporter for Abode Application Extension. Since the compiler put all the files into the bin-debug folder still, I could still use ZXPPackager.


      We just upgraded to Extension Builder 2.1. For any legacy project, whether it was still "manually created" (i.e., without even Extenson Builder 1.5) and I copied the sources into a new Extension Builder project,  or created in Extenson Builder 1.5 and converted to Extension Bulder 2.1, the Export to ZXP does not work. I see the compiler is creating a bin-release folder, then it disappears, and no ZXP is to be found. Since bin-debug no longer has all files in it like it used to, the ZXPPackager can't find what it's looking for and can't make a ZXP - so I am stuck.


      Please - help!