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    Elements 9 Error Message Cannot Up Date Intel Display Driver Why?


      Running Windows 7 64 Bits


      Today I opened Adobe Elements 9 to find another problem out of the blue why things change I haven't a clue! Error message pops up saying the following:

      Update Adode Display Driver detail : Intel (R) HD Graphic 2000-3.00-Build


      Also maybe as a result of not having this update the Timeline and the video in the viewing screen will not keep pace. In fact the video viewing window doesn't move at all unless you click on a particular scene now only shows that scene no rolling video. Yesterday it wasn't a problem why it changed I don't know. I was advised by ATR I set my updates to manual so there has not been any updates so nothing should of change right?


      Can you send me the link that updates that particualr driver? I went to my computer manufacture web site and down loaded the latest updates for my system then I restarted my computer still the same Adobe error message same problem. Then I went to Intel website updated the latest driver updates restarted my computer still got the same adobe error message and still have the same viewing screen problem? Help Please? I'm lost and I'm a rookie so speak plan English please no technical terms please? Thank you