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    Beginner-Is this easy to learn?

      I am looking for a good tool to create some help files. I am not a proggramer. Is this tool easy to use and leaarn?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          That's a bit like walking into a Ford showroom and asking if Ford make cars that are easy to drive. You expect them to say No?

          That said, we are users answering questions here so we don't HAVE to say Yes.

          I think it is very easy to use. I never had any training other than being shown by my predecessor. If you are reasonably comfortable with learning new software, you should be OK with RoboHelp. You do not need to be a programmer.

          You might also want to consider what you need from the help tool you go for. This site will help you in that.


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            Ben Minson Level 2
            I agree that RoboHelp is easy to learn. My first experience with it was inheriting a FlashHelp project from someone else, and after a day or two following a third-party manual and creating/manipulating a test project, I was on my feet and had the basics down (and even had an adequate grasp of conditional build tags). Like any other program, there are finer points you can learn. So far RoboHelp has given me most of what I need, and I have only some small complaints. It sounds like the next version will resolve almost all of them.

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              ElisaFnord Level 2
              And another welcome to the forum - GO BEAVS!!!