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    Red Flash Frames

    victoryaustin Level 1

      I am repeatedly seeing red frames during playback inside Premiere Pro CS6. The footage is AVCHD from hard drive and the footage was recorded fine and plays fine outside of Adobe Premiere. Once I import to Premiere it will play some of the footage the all of a sudden you will see red flashes in footage. If I try and transcode in media converter first to MP4 for something I get the red frames in the new converted file. Same goes if I transcode or render in Premiere. I've read some reports on this but can't really find any answers. I think it could be the GPU not compatible with Adobe CS6 but I could be wrong. Can anyone help?


      27" iMac

      2.7 Intel Core i5

      32 GB RAM

      AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB

      OS X 10.8.4

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          Andrew_S Level 3

          Read frames can indicate a problem with the video file at that point, hence premiere replaces the image with a red frame. Have you tried transcoding the AVCHD file to say DNxHD or XDCAMHD using prelude?

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            victoryaustin Level 1

            Hey Andrew, thanks for the reply. The file plays fine by itself and even plays fine on another system running Premiere Pro CS6 as well. I suspect that it may be the imac's video card. It may not be stable enough for AVCHD footage. I've been converting the files to MOV (AVC codec) and it seems to be stable playing and rendering in Premiere Pro. Just having an extra step converting is time consuming and really not profitable when meeting deadlines.

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              I've had this problem too on a PC using AVCHD video.   I tried transcoding it in Prelude, which helped but I still had one instance of it happening.  I don't recall this ever happening until recently. 

              I have 2 cameras, a Panasonic HMC150 and an AF100.  I've got the red-frame problem twice and both times it was with the af100 shooting in interlaced mode (its never happened in progressive.  Might be a coinsidence, don't know for sure.

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                victoryaustin Level 1

                PROBLEM SOLVED! Well I think  the guys at Adobe took note of AVCHD problems and sent out an update this month for Premiere Pro CS6. AVCHD footage runs fine now after I installed the update 6.0.4. Runs a lot better, renders fast, no red frames, mulitcam edit is more fluid now. Thanks Adobe!