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    Running headers for dictionary in CS6

    lekkerder Level 1

      Is there a way to get InDesign CS6 to create headers for a dictionary in the following fashion:


      odd numbered pages:     Dictionary Title                      disabled - discernment

      even numbered pages:   discharge - discontent           Dictionary Title


      Details: We would like both the first and the last word that are defined on a page to appear at the top and at the outer margins/edges (like most dictionaries do), and the book title at the inner margins.


      Alternatively, if it is not possible to include the book title, we can leave it out.


      Is there a way to get CS6 to generate the headers with the first and last words that are defined on each page (the words are provided at the left margin of each page, such as "disabled" and "discernment"), excluding the text/definition that follows the words in question?