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    How to put an input text to an other textfield w/ same format


      Hi friends, i think it's easy what I', trying to do, but it doesn't work for me.


           Let me explain


      I've created an input text inside a symbol called "Asks"

      in a timeline triger i use:


      message = sym.$("texto");                                  // texto is a textfield

      message.html("Write here: ");                             

      inputMessage = $('<textarea />').attr({'type':'textarea','value':'', 'id':'message'});

      inputMessage .css ('font-size', 18);

      inputMessage .css ('box-shadow', '#0a81fb');

      inputMessage .css ('width', 600);

      inputMessage .css ('height', 250);

      inputMessage .appendTo(message);



      Then in an other symbol called "Final" in a timeline trigger i use :


      myField= sym.$("Text");






      and it works but here is my question


      in my input text :                                                                                     in my "final" text:


      Hello!:                                                                                           Hello!:My name is chino_10.Nice to meet you.


      My name is chino_10.


      Nice to meet you.



      I need my "final" text with the same format and </br>.


      I hope you can help me .


      Thank you