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    Premiere Pro CC and Nvidia Maximus k5000 and k20

    RBemendo Level 1

      I've tried both nvidia drivers 320.27 and 320.49 and can only get the K5000 for process in Premiere Pro CC, AE CC and Media Encoder CC.  In the Maximus Config Utility I have the 5000 set to Dedicated to graphics only tasks, yet the K20 never goes above 0% usage.  I'm running Win7 64bit, Premiere CC 7.0.1.  Nvidia drivers 320.49.


      Im getting better performance from the k5000 through queuing to Media Encoder than I cam from direct export from Premiere. But here's my processes on the GPU when export.


      I've tried Using k5000 for "Use for both Graphics and compute tasks" and Tried using ECC on and off for both the k5000 and k20.


      I'm stumped how to get my Maximus configuration to work with Adobe CC.




      Nvidia drivers rockin k5000.PNG