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    Save My Export From QT

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      I am on a mac. Most of the codecs in Premiers export options run though QT. (i have fcs2 installed also)

      AME also uses QT to encode. For me ProRes422, UT, and anything that goes through QT is giving me clipping areas. Meaning i get R, G, or B static noise in areas of black.



      I usd BCC scopes to check my levels and there are no visible +100s or sub 0 luma. All chroma is within yuv and within the smaller rgb levels. I wanted to use CS6 instead of CS5 but i have one clip that uses Twixtor and CS6 does not recognize twixtor.

      I am currently thinking of replacing the entire SEQ with an Ae comp and exprting from there to see if it makes a difference.


      PS my compressor app from the fcs bundle has not worked in maybe a year.


      Is there anyway to export this without AME?

      Is there a codec or preset that i could use that would give me a 50mbps file that i can then convert to ProRes with MpegClipstream?