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    optimise pictures

    RJ_web Level 1

      What are you using to resize and optimise pictures to put in a web page, with fw falling by the way side, I need something, Thx in advance

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Last time I checked (and that was this morning) FW is still doing a great job at optimizing images. Just because there is no FW CC, doesn't mean FW isn't going to work for you for quite some time.

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            RJ_web Level 1

            Thx Jim, yes I know that we will have fw for some time, problem is I am using an old edition FW studio 8, I just recently switched to a mac also, which the CC version would work great (able to use windows and mac). But in the new cc stuff no FW so I was trying to figure out what other program adobe has that is in the cc, would do the same job, thx again, RJ