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    Half Black Screen Remains After Removing Update


      Hi, I'm very unexperienced as I have just gotten into video editing so bear with me when I do not know what to do.

      On a recent thread, the cause of the top half of the screen being black was do to a Microsoft update, which I had removed the other day and successfully fixed the problem.

      However, after opening up the program (Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0) today I imported a new file into a new project which resulted in the top half being black again. Yes, my files are in WMV because I am just a YouTuber and the format suits my basic editing and filming just fine (I have seen many arguements about how 'dumb' it is to use this format) and that's what format my camera spits out. I have made sure that the update doesn't reoccur, but the issue is back. Help?