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    NetStream : send text data




      I try to do a really simple chat with NetStream. I would like to send a text on my netstream (I don't want to use camera, only text !)


      I run a red5 server and I use flex 4.5


      As I my new, I don't understand what is the best way to do this. I try code to send video streaming and it works but I can't send text.


      Is somebody have a really simple example to do this ?

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          fB3 Level 2

          //Simple solution,

          import flash.events.*


          public var chat_so:SharedObject;

          public var nc:NetConnection;

          public var username:String;


          public function createConnection():void


              nc = new NetConnection();

              nc.objectEncoding = ObjectEncoding.AMF0;

              nc.addEventListener( NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, netStatusHandler );

              nc.connect( "rtmp://path_to_red5/oflaDemo",username);



          //Then in the netStatusHandler you would need something like this....

          public function netStatusHandler( event:NetStatusEvent ):void


              switch( event.info.code )


                  case "NetConnection.Connect.Success":



                  case "NetConnection.Connect.Rejected":






          //This sets up a SyncEvent handler...

          public function connectComponents():void


              SharedObject.defaultObjectEncoding  = flash.net.ObjectEncoding.AMF0;

              chat_so = SharedObject.getRemote("chat_so", nc.uri, false);

              chat_so.addEventListener( SyncEvent.SYNC, usersSyncHandler_chat );

              chat_so.connect( nc );




          //This fires when the sharedObject is updated...

          public function usersSyncHandler_chat( event:SyncEvent ):void


                  var results:Object = event.target.data;


                  for( var a:String in results )


                  if (  results[ a ] != undefined )


                       //this will add a message to a text component...

                      chatCanvas.htmlText += "" + results[ a ];


                      chatCanvas.verticalScrollPosition = chatCanvas.maxVerticalScrollPosition;






          //this button or key listener function will send a message by updating a sharedObject on all clients...

          public function sendMessage():void


                //grab message from an input text component.

                var msg:String = chatInputTxt.text;

                //send the msg...

                chat_so.setProperty("textValue", username + ": " + msg );


                //clear text from chatInputTxt.text

                chatInputTxt.text = "";