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    Can't access scratch file on CS6 startup


      I just installed Photoshop CS6, on my new PC.  I previously installed Photoshop CC but have decided not to upgrade to that version yet.


      When I start either the 32-bit or 64-bit version of CS6, I immediately get a message saying that it could not open a scratch file because it is locked, or I do not have permissions (I have administrator privileges).  The message urges me to go to "Properties" with Windows Explorer but does not tell me where the file is located.


      My PC has an SSD (C: drive) with enough space for the Photoshop program (installed there) but I do not want any scratch file installed there.  I just brought up Photoshop CC and see that the D drive is specified as the scratch drive.


      Am I not able to run Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC (not at the same time) on the same PC?  How should I solve this problem?


      Will uninstalling Photoshop CC solve my problem?  I'd like to try a few more things with it before deciding whether to lease it (I am NOT a heavy Photoshop user).