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    PProCC graphix for titles and credit have gone missing.

    E Bond Level 1

      I've been working on a project with 16 distinct clips. I've created titles and credits for each clip, which include a graphic logo and title/credit text. I recently changed the location of the logo graphic on my drive, and the result is a missing media error message when I open the project. So, I locate the file, and open the project, but the wod "logo" appears instead of the graphic. I went through the entire project and remade all the titles/credits by inserting the graphic into the title/credits. I save the project file. I closed it. I reopened it, the "missing Media" error, and the word "logo" reappears in all my titles/credits. All of the work I did recreating the titles/credit has vanished. I can't figure out why the project can't find the media after I've located it. I'm desparate for clues! Thanks! ~Bond