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    Why can I not connect my iPad to my PC via scout?


      I am attempting to use Scout to profile our games while they are running on our iPad 2. This worked great with Scout 1.0 even though the iPad was on a WiFi connection and my Windows 7 64-bit computer was on a Local Area Connection. Then, once I updated to Scout 1.1.0 on my computer, this stopped working. In particular, the Scout Companion App on the iPad could no longer connect to the Scout program on my computer. To troubleshoot, I purchased a USB WiFi Antenna to give my computer WiFi so I can be on the same WiFi router as the iPad. However, after installing the WiFi Antenna, connecting to the WiFi from my computer, and disconnecting my computer from the Local Area Connection I still cannot get the Scout Companion App on the iPad to connect to my computer. I have tried re-installing Scout on both my computer and the iPad and I have also tried rebooting both my computer and the iPad several times.


      What are some other things I can try to make this work?

      What other information can I provide?

      How can I get this fixed so I can continue development on our games?



      Rich Snider

      Center for Game Science

      Computer Science and Engineering

      University of Washington

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          Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

          What version of iOS are you running? There are known issues with the beta of iOS 7, where the companion app doesn't work, and we're working on a fix for this - in the meantime, you should continue with iOS 6 or earlier.


          Other than that, can you verify that Scout works locally (i.e. on content in the browser on the local machine), and also from another remote machine (see the instructions for remote profiling in the getting started guide here: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/scout/articles/adobe-scout-getting-started.html). It would be especially useful if you could test with a remote machine over wifi (e.g. a laptop). This would rule out any issues with your network, such as a firewall that's blocking connections.


          When you connect using the companion apps, are you typing in the IP address directly, or relying on the app to discover the Scout machine? This discovery uses the Bonjour service, and it's possible this could be being blocked by your network - so I would try typing in the IP address directly, to see if that works.


          Let me know how you get on!

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            sniderrw Level 1

            Thanks for the reply! Here is some more information:


            I am running iOS 6.1.3 on my iPad 2.


            Scout works on my local machine. I can start my game from Flash Builder or the web and Scout will pick it up.


            Using the Scout Companion App I am entering the specific IP Address of my computer to which Scout should connect. The IP Address is correct.


            All that said, it was a firewall problem. Some department settings had kicked in when I updated/re-installed Scout that blocked all the ports it was trying to use. Is there a way the Scout program on the desktop could detect whether or not the port was blocked and display the result? That would be a nice way to notify the user of a potential problem.


            Thanks so much!


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              Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

              I'm glad that you resolved the issue!


              Unfortunately, it's not easy for the companion app to distinguish between Scout not running, and being blocked by a firewall. The best way to detect it is to look at your firewall settings.