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    AE CC and the Rest of Adobe Apps - ProRes Quicktime Render Gamma Problem Back AGAIN

    AtonMusic Level 2

      Hi ---


      With this version I am back to square one with AE NOT being able to render out correct gamma exporting to PR4444 -


      Scenario (And this matter NOT whether I use Color Management or Not)


      1) I open a Clip in AE or PPRO (In this case a TIFF Sequence RAW'ed from Lightroom)

      2) I switch back and forth between Lightroom and AE and the images are identical in color and gamma

      3) I export to PR4444 and open in Quicktime Player or FCPx and the Gamma is off.

      4) If I re-import the exported file into AE - AE reads the file with a diff. gamma and the result appears to be identical with source


      But it is no good that the result only looks the way it was intended in AE ! --- The poeople on the web are not viewing the movie in AE but with other players.




      If i open that same tiff sequence in the quicktime player pro and export to PR4444 the results are 100% identical.



      I find it highly frustrating that a company so higly regarded with so amazing software is NOT able to render out an image correctly...


      This problem has been around since forever and I find it higly disturbing that this issue has not yet been addressed.


      As of now I have no choice that to ditch AE and PPRO.... I WANT the images I work with to look the way they do in the app while color grading... What point is there in CG'ing images to perfection

      if adobe cant even render out the results....


      As I stated it does NOT matter whether I am color managing or not... Results are lighter in gamma when viewed in anything else than AE or PPRO !!!!!!


      The amount to correct back is approx. a gamma of 0.9


      BTW --- When in 32 bit how come I cannot set a gamma of 0.905 why is the gamma limited to two digits after the comma... 32 bit has MUCH more to offer !!!!