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    Button Navigation / HELP?

    CoCo Loupe
      I'm completely new to Flash and AS3.......

      however, i've managed to build a simple "intro" flash movie that has buttons on it that need to navigate to non-flash, DWCS3 based site files.

      when i go into the button in flash, if i select text in the button there is a spot in the properties panel that allows for a URL link...i enter the name of the html file but it doesn't work......but this URL property field is not available to the entire button....

      so i started looking at AS because i'm pretty sure i need to use events and event listeners....BUT all of the tutorials only cover getting an external URL or linking to a frame within a flash movie......none of them cover linking to an existing HTML file in the same folder.......(ie., to access the meat of the website through the flash intro buttons....)


      the movie is at


      if you'd like to take a look....the animated buttons need the link functionality.......

      i may be missing the big picture regarding button navigation in flash....i'll take whatever solution is best according to flash best practices......thanks