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    Strategies for Sharing Media Files?

    PixelshotWDC2 Level 1

      Can anyone recommend the best way(s) to share original media between an editor and an assistant editor that are in two different locations while preserving the clip markers?


      We use clip markers extensively so we can export a spreadsheet with the marker information for paper editing and discussion. Using markers on timelines only is not really feasable since we really want to focus on the clip for editing purposes.


      I would like to be able to work on the project from my computer while the assistant works on hers. But it seems that we will have collisions with the metadata. So, I'm stuck.


      After several days of searching for a solution, the closest thing I can see is Adobe Anywhere. But that will not work because we don't have a common server to use (nor can we afford one - we are not CNN).


      Any suggestions?  thanks.