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    [rtePlugins - Styles] Put selected style on the highlighted object instead of in a span?

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      When enabling the style selector from the rtePlugin, the default functionality is to enclose your selected text within a span with a class of the style you selected.  For example,  if I select "style1" from my style selector it will be like this:


      <blockquote><span class="style1">Hello World</span></blockquote>


      Is there a way for the class to be appeneded to the selected object, <blockquote> in this case?


      <blockquote class="style1">Hello World</blockquote>




      I took a look at StylesPlugin.js, and added "blockquote" to the CUI.rte.plugins.StylesPlugin.STYLEABLE_OBJECTS array at the bottom, but it did not work.



      Thank you in advance.