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    Online Viewing Catalog


      Hi, I am building a websight and I am in need of an online catalog.  I do not need a cart and I do not need a way for people to pay online.  That is why I have no interest in making use of business catalyst. 


      In an ideal world, I would like to be able to insert my images and descriptions, submit them and have the ads in a single group update according to alphebetical order or posting date order without having to rearrange the entire page(s) everytime I need to remove an ad, or add another one.  I would like the header, footer, and sidebar colums to be unchanging and only the center column that houses the ads to update.


      (Take Craigslist for instance)


      Is it possible for me to do this?  I am actually a web publishing major and have at least 10 classes regarding web publishing so far,

      but this hasn't  been addressed in my schooling and I have been unsuccessful in googling a solution.  Can someone help or advise me?  Please do not advise me to hire someone, I would like to struggle through and do this myself and use it as a learning experience.  I do appreciate any advice or guidence or step by step knowledge anyone has for me, I am eager to learn.  Thanks :-)

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Look at WordPress. 





          Nancy O.

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            ladyfulton82 Level 1

            Hi Nancy,


            My current portion of the site is built sans the catalog and my current domain and web host is yahoo.  If I am understanding what I am reading, then I would need to switch providers to the wordpress premium version, yes?  To have dreamweaver support that is.

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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              WordPress.org is not web hosting.  WordPress.org is where you download the most popular open source, PHP framework for creating blogs, catalogues, shopping, forums, etc... It has it's own CMS (dashboard) which you log-in to for editing and creating content.


              I have no idea what if any support Yahoo offers for WordPress.   My guess is probably not much.


              To run WordPress, you need a Linux server with PHP 5 and a MySql database. 

              Just about any reputable web host offers this.  Many also offer one button installation on your server. 


              If you don't have a server that can support WP, you can use WordPress.com to host your WP site.


              Incidentally, you won't need Dreamweaver for any of this stuff.  WordPress is self-contained.



              Nancy O.

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                ladyfulton82 Level 1

                I didn't mean wordpress as a webhost, I misspoke, but the wordpress website indicated that serverpress was ideal for using wordpress that has dreamweaver support enabled, and for the dreamweaver support through wordpress, the premium version is required.  I know that dreamweaver is not required, but I do need it to customize my site better, I think...I have not tried out wordpress before.  I will look into this further, I appreciate your suggestion, and it looks promising.  If you have anymore helpful pointers or suggestions, I would be pleased to read them, Thank You!

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                  Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Find a WordPress Theme you like. 



                  There are thousands of them (free and commercial) available on the web.  If possible, find one that has all the functionality you require -- ie: photo galleries, sliders, menus, etc...


                  If your Theme doesn't contain everything you crave,  often you can get what you need from an optional Plug-In.  Keep in mind that not all Plug-ins work equally well with all Themes or in all versions of WordPress.  Some trial and error may be necessary.


                  Finally, if you still think you need to customize your Theme, read up on Theme Development:



                  Anatomy of a WordPress Theme:



                  Never touch the Core WordPress files.  If you do, you may break the site. Limit your customizing to files inside the Theme's directory only.




                  Nancy O.

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