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    Bluray Project Output to DVD

    alexdejesus Level 1

      I am working a Premiere project that will be output to DVD or Bluray. I exported a timeline as H264 Bluray and created a Bluray Encore project. I see that I could change the export format from Bluray to DVD, but I am curious to know how Encore calculates the disk info. I assume the H264 media will be transcoded from one compressed format to another. How does this affect quality? I would prefer to export DVD from a Bluray project than to create an identical project for DVD.


      I would also like to know if this is the best way to output to DVD while maximizing quality. Prior to CC, I dynamic linked the Premiere project to Encore and it would calculate disk size automatically. If I now have to do it myself, it seems very time consuming way to go. In my case, the media will exceed DVD size limitations. If so, which of the Premiere export parameters are safe to tweak in order to size down the files to fit the DVD?


      If these questions have been covered in another thread, please lead me to it.