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    Online Editor Will Work With CFlayout

    UpstateWeb Level 1

      Does anyone know of an online editor that will work within the cflayout/cflayoutarea function. I used ActivEdit for years, but clients are wanting something more cross browser friendly, and ActivEdit works great with IE, but not so well with other browsers. I have tried using CKEditor which comes with ColdFusion which you would think should work with a ColdFusion function, but that's not true. The navigation nor content shows up and CKEditor. If I remove the cflayout elements, CKEditor will work fine, although the image upload and placement function is very clunky.


      It is frustrating that the only response I get from Adobe's support people is that both CKEditor and the code for cflayout come from third party providers so it's not really their problem. I think that is so wrong as we pay a good amount of money for a product that is supposed to make coding easier and more efficient. Thus, they should fully test these so called 3rd party products to make sure they work and if not either fix them of find code that does. I guess they are just too big to care as I have been voicing this to various support people and on the bugs report page for over a year only to hear excuse after excuse. Shame. Shame. Shame on you Adobe for not caring about your customer and the honesty of your code and product.


      With all this said, does anyone know of a better Online Editor to use that will hopefully work with cflayout/cflayoutarea. Thank you in advance!