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    Multi-camera monitor all windows black...


      I just installed the latest update of CC which appears to have fixed my instance of the bug that set all edit points on the multicam timeline point to the start of the Multicam file after restart. However now I have the problem that the multi-cam monitor has all windows black even though they show in the program monitor composite setting, and in the sequence that contains the source files for the multicam file.


      I got it to work once and finished another 4 minute piece from my concert, but now I don't know what I did to get it to work, how to get it back again nor what caused it to go black in the first place although it appeared to happen right after I exported a segment of the sequence to a youtube movie.


      I'm combining shots from files from 4 different cameras. One camera file is a single 8.76 GB mp4 file 1080, 29.97p. The other three cameras all produced segmented 2 GB mts files, each 1080, 29.97 p.