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    Premiere CC - Encoding slow


      Hello there,

      I've got a Nvidia GTX 570 and I'm facing a weird problem. I think Premiere is not detecting at all the GPU.

      When I create a new project, in "rendering", the Mercury GPU Acceleration is shown and in fact everything is working smoothly and with low CPU loads.

      When instead, I’m rendering/encoding the project, the GPU is not used at all. That’s really annoying.

      To encode a 10 min video (1080@25fps, bitrate 12Mb/s) it takes up to 90 minutes: that’s unacceptable.

      The CPU usage goes to 100% (I have an Intel i7 930, 4 cores, 8 threads) and the GPU usage is 0%, whether I queue the video into AME or I start the rendering in Premiere.

      Are there any solutions to get GPU accelerated encoding?

      If that helps, the original video is in AVCHD format and there is some color correction, no special effects.