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    Manually set Monitor Profile


      Instead of Photoshop, et al using my Win7 x64 ICC monitor profile, I would like to set it manually, as I'm able to do in other applications.  Is this possible? 


      The reason why is that I have a Dell U3014 and using the software that comes with it, I want to use its sRGB mode (and an associated sRGB profile from my Spyder 4 set as my Windows default) for all of my regular apps, and AdobeRGB mode (and profile) for my CS and other color-aware apps. My other apps DxO, PhotoMechanic, Canon SLR apps, etc. let me choose the profile.

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          As long as you haver a good calibration, why not?

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            I would think that your calibration software would create a color profile for your display and set it into its device drivers color management configuration and set something up to load the Video Adapter LUT when the system boots up using the values stored in you displays color profile.  I think the software changes your systems displays color management configuration default profile. If not I think you should.


            When you edit images in Photoshop you should be editing them in a standard color space like sRGB, Adobe RGB or ProPhotoRGB.  When ever Photoshop renders an image for you it will use the document color profile and your displays color profile to display the best colors you display is capable of displaying for the image.  You don't set your displays profile for Photoshop. Photoshop retrieves your displays profile from your system configuration.