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    Liquify options

    MJG Newcomer

      I haven't seen this question exactly but when I Click Filter > Liquify, no options appear.  What am I doing wrong?

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          R_Kelly Mythic

          Maybe you could clarify when you say no options appear, you mean the liquify dialog doesn't appear or some of the options

          in the liquify dialog seem to be missing?


          What version of photoshop and operating system are you using?


          If your using photoshop cs6/cc, clicking Advanced Mode in the liquify dialog will give you the standard dialog as your used to seeing in earlier versions of photoshop.






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            MJG Newcomer


            I'm sorry - I meant Liquify Tool on the side. They are not changing from my previous tool such as Brush or Spot Healing Tool. I have PS CS6.

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              R_Kelly Mythic

              So you don't see the liquify dialog as the above screenshot?


              Do other filters work such as the Filter Gallery or Oil Paint?

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                R_Kelly Mythic

                Like this:




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                  MJG Newcomer

                  Yeah!  When I checked under Filter>  for the other filters like Filter Gallery, I saw another Liquify (not the one at the top). I chose that Liquify and Voila!  Then I had my Liquify tools.

                  You're a genius!  Thanks.

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                    R_Kelly Mythic

                    That doesn't sound right as photoshop cs6 should only have one Liquify filter under the filter menu at the top.


                    Was the other Liquify filter under Filter>Distort>Liquify?


                    Have you pointed the Additional Plug-Ins folder under Photoshop (Edit)Preferences>Plug-Ins in photoshop cs6 to an earlier version

                    of photoshop or photoshop elements plug-ins folder or copied any plug-ins from an earlier version of photoshop or photoshop elements to the photoshop cs6 Plug-Ins folder?

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                      MJG Newcomer

                      No, I don 't  believe I had added an additional Plug-in but I did start with CS5. There is a shortcut next to the wrong Liquify under the Filter menu at the top - Shift F5, if that means anything. Needless to say, it didn't work as a shortcut to the actual Liquify filter.  I had thought it was there because I had previously used the Liquify effect (and had had no problem with it).

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                        R_Kelly Mythic

                        Your filter menu in photoshop cs6 should look something like below, plus any third party plugins you may have installed, which are usually at the

                        very bottom of the filter menu.


                        Liquify should have a default shortcut of Shift+Ctrl+X (Shift+Cmd+X)


                        Could you post a screenshot of how your filter menu looks in photoshop cs6?


                        Maybe also the contents of the Help>Info from within photoshop cs6.





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                          MJG Newcomer

                          I'll try to attach my SS.  I wasn't able to crop it for some reason but it's back to showing Liquify at the top as the Last Filter.  I used it to liquify and alter the model's face in this photo I took without any problem when Liquify appeared in the largest group, the 4th I believe.  Strange how it moved up to the top.

                          Sorry but I wasn't able to figure out how to crop my SSfile://localhost/Users/fl/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202013-07-21%20at%206.12.59%20PM.png

                          I'm not sure if this is the right file but, here goes.

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                            MJG Newcomer

                            Screen Shot Filter Menu crop.jpg  Screen Shot Help > Info crop.jpg

                            Here are my Screenshots showing the Liquify in the Last Filter top spot: and the other Help Munu you asked for.  Yesterday I was too distracted to get it right.

                            The  Liquify option seems to move up after I use it.  As I said, I used it on this model's face before I took the SS.  Any idea why?

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                              Chris Cox Mythic

                              The last filter item reapplies the settings of the last filter. It won't show the UI because you already specified the settings.


                              That's normal - and you're just mistaking the last filter option for the Liquify filter normal position.

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                                  MJG Newcomer

                                  Thanks to you all. Got it now (I think).