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    Looking for book templates


      I'm very familiar with many Adobe products - Photoshop/Illustrator/Premiere/After Effects but am relatively new to InDesign. All I've done so far are some simple brochures and small (7-10) page layouts.


      I have written a book in Word (100 pages, 1 file, using headings / styles from Word as well as the TOC) and have been looking for some InDesign templates to purchase, but am coming up with very little.


      Is there a place where I can find some default layouts to purchase? Also, it sounds like the process of doing the book set-up is pretty finicky. Where are some of the best resources (ie. elance.com) to find someone to help? I am guessing that I will need to get the final edit and any illustrations done first, but am not sure on the optimal workflow and would love input.


      At this point my goal is to be able to purchase a template and place the Word file so that I can at least get a feeling for what the final layout will look like (given how different a real book layout is from what we see in Word!)