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    Problem with linking classes to movieclip symbols

      If anyone interested in checking this problem, please download the zip file and take a look at the "project": http://www.kelemenszerviz.hu/test.zip

      My main problem is that I want to add the same class as a base class for two movieclip symbols, a few instances from one of them is included in one of the containers and a few instances from the other is included in the other container instance. My problem is that they have the same name in those containers and the compiler says: "Warning: All instances named 'text1' will be automatically declared as rowgreen in symbols that use Containers as their base class. In symbols that are linked to user-defined base classes, instances with the same name must be of the same type."
      If I want to test the movie, it throws an exception because of the same names, if I change one of the container's row's name it won't be a problem anymore, but why? Sorry for the inability to describe the problem in depth, I'm not realy good in English, you can explore the problem by yourself if you take some time to download and take a look at the files I attached.