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    Placing MS Word inline images onto the Baseline Grid

    buck415 Level 1


      InDesign CC

      MS Word 2013


      Hi everyone.


      I'm placing a MS Word docx (default style formatting, images pasted inline with the text, each on a separate line) into an InDesign document with a baseline grid.


      The document places without any difficulty, except that the images are piled on top of each other. I can see tht the image is being placed on its own line on the baseline grid, so technically it's being positioned properly, but I need the text to Jump Object or  Wrap Around Bounding Box. When I change any image from No Text Wrap to one of the aforementioned, nothing happens. The bottom portion of the image remains inserted and aligned to the baseline grid.


      How do I get the text to Jump Object or Wrap Around Bounding Box when using the baseline grid?