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    Cropping to keyed in dimensions...........

    Silverback Zen

      I am having problems with the cropping tool, can anyone help please?


      Working with a fine art 800dpi 16 bit scan and I want to create an accurate crop to keyed in dimensions, in this case 12 cm x 12cm. Everytme I try to key in the width and height dimensions, leaving resolution blank, I get varying results. Either the crop box just sticks to the original scan size which is bigger or is not drawing to 12 x 12cm, usually smaller when I check off aginast rulers, despite keying in 12 x 12cm! Erratic results for any other dimensions I type in when I view against rulers. Tried clearing in case settings are sticky but to no avail. Can do this all day long in Elements 11 with consistent results. Tried everything in CS 6. Welcome any help, thanks.