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    Exported video bouncing within its frame.


      I used motion keys to animate portions of my video. Burned on a DVD it looks fine, but when I save it to my computer or upload it on YouTube my video doesn't fill the screen like it did in my project. I used Adobe Premiere Elements 9. Here is the link to my video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMNQPXBy6DE


      The problem is most noticable at 0:55. Is there a way to fix it, or am I missing something in my project settings? I haven't seen anything like this, before. Thanks. I hope someone can help me.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I do not see the specific problem which you are describing.


          Early on in the video, I did seem to pick up on instances which might reflect transition placements problems or gaps in Timeline.



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            elmadden Level 1

            Really? Below is a sequence of images demonstrating the problem I'm having. If you see nothing wrong with the format on your end, do you think it could be something that's just affected by my personal system?

            Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 11.58.31 AM.pngScreen Shot 2013-07-21 at 11.59.44 AM.pngScreen Shot 2013-07-21 at 11.59.54 AM.pngScreen Shot 2013-07-21 at 12.00.03 PM.png

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              elmadden Level 1

              To further elaborate what I'm going for, the image on screen isn't supposed to move. It's supposed to zoom in with no black frame surrounding it. I don't know if I'd call it an aspect ratio problem because it's affecting all sides of the video. It seems to be fixated on a central point and it's movements are based on how I crafted my key frames.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                So are you saying that you want it to have a black frame around it EXCEPT at a specific spot (around 0;55)?


                I do see that happening -- except for the face that your project is 4:3 and the video frame on YouTube is 16:9, so that it won't fill the entire frame, from side to side.


                Is there more going on than that, or am I misunderstanding the effect you're trying to create?


                Meantime, what model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is it?


                When you first set up your project, which settings did you select? You can see (but you can't change) your project settings under the Edit menu.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  When I looked at the video before posting, those were not the scenes that I saw at 0:55, so let me go back and look at the video again.


                  Those might have been the locations where I suspected transitioning problems and or gaps in the Timeline.


                  Let us back up even further so I can get a better perspective on the matter.


                  1. What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


                  2. What are the properties of your source media, frame size, aspect ratio, and the like and consequently what did you select as the project preset for this project?


                  3. It sounds like you exported the same Timeline to a file saved to the computer hard drive. What was the Premiere Elements full export path and settings under the Advanced Button/Video Tab and Audio Tab of the preset selected? After that I am understanding that you uploaded the file to YouTube at the YouTube web site. If I am mistaken, and you used the Online/YouTube feature of Premiere Elements to get the Timeline content to YouTube, please indicate what preset you used.


                  4. Are you saying that when you took this same Timeline to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc in Premiere Elements that none of the issues existed? In the case of DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc, was that DVD-VIDEO standard or DVD-VIDEO widescreen?


                  All of the above should help in the troubleshooting.





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                    elmadden Level 1

                    The video was made using a 16:9 format, which is why I think the adjustment is weird, but what bothers me is the movement it makes bouncing up and down. I'm saying I want the entire video to be stationary, but it's just that the part starting a 0:55 is the most noticeable because that's where I incorporated key frames. It's as if my video shrunk to accomodate all the movements I added.


                    The camera used was a Sony Handycam DCR-SX85 and the digital format was MPEG-2 - I had to convert all the files to .mp4 to edit on my Mac. And I believe the resolution was 720X480. And below is a screen shot of my project settings. I usually keep the same settings for all of my videos so I didn't change anyting.


                    Also, not sure if it has any meaning, but I exported the video using both Quicktime and MPEG and got the same results.


                    Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 12.47.00 PM.png