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    Looking for how to run both a Quadro 4000 and a geforce card win7 please

    tfi productions 44 Level 1



      way back when i built the window 7 editing rig i tried to get a quadro 4000 and a geforce 9800 GT (older version) to work together to get 4 displays going

      but i had stability issues so i got another quadro and never had a problem


      however, reading this recent thread




      it sounds like users are able to mix quadro 4000 with geforce cards

      using the geforce for the cuda processing and the quadro for the output


      i still want to run 4 monitors (2 from the quadro 4000 and then 2 from the geforce card (open to suggestions here)


      if i can mix cards now i'd like to get a geforce gpu to help out with 4k editing of a feature (probably red scarlet)

      and use the quadro for 10bit output


      as always positive feedback is appreciated, cheers, j