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    Can't control lighting effects in PS CC

    bobmepp Level 1

      I am running both PS CC and CS6 on my mac mini  (late 2012, 2.3 i7, 16 GB ram). When I try to use the lighting effects filter on CC, it opens, and all the sliders in the properties box work, but without the tools to point and modify the light source. On CS6, lighting effects opens with the expected oval shaped tools and the intensity adjuster. I am assuming that it is not the Mac-mini, as it handles both versions, CC and CS6, without issues except for this. Is this a bug in CC? I have searched and found nothing to this effect. I am assuming the video capabilities are adequate as the lighting effects option is not greyed out in either version. Also, I have made sure the image I am working on is in 8 bit mode.