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    Error trying to use load-externs in a module project


      I am trying to implement modules in my application. I have read the documentation and learned that if i want to reduce the size of my modules i have to use the link-report and load-externs compiler options (the first in the main project and the second in the modules)

      This is the line that i use in the "Additional compiler arguments" section of the the main project:
      -locale en_US -use-network=true -optimize=true -link-report=C:\report.xml

      The file is created in the specified location but......

      when i try to use report.xml in the load-externs argument of the module project i get the next error:
      "could not open 'C:\report.xml' while processing configuration variable 'load-externs'

      The line tha i use is this:
      -locale en_US -use-network=true -optimize=true -load-externs=C:\report.xml

      I am using Flex Builder 2.01

      I'll appreciate your help