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    Weird Kuler Extension Panels in PS and AI

    Octopoda Interactive

      The Kuler panel on AI, "Unable to connect to the kuler website, The server is either busy or you are offline."   But it does work on INDD and PS I just can't see any of my saved color schemes I can only see the popular ones. 


      I have done research and saw about the setting in com.adobe.AdobeOnlineHelp.plist but those setting are correct and I can connect to the Adobe exchange.  I have swatches saved at my kuler site and can get them using my iPad and adobe ideas.  I also saw a post about having verdana font active which it is.


      I am at a loss and tired of scouring the net for ideas....So can I get some help so that I can get my kuler panels back to life? Or is this turned off like the file sync is now?