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    PC reset loses books, how do I get them back?


      I reinstalled ADE, and activated it,  after a factory reset of my PC. Now the books I had purchased are no  longer on my harddrive, and have 'missing' written on them..how can I  get these books back on my ADE bookshelf?I have sucessfully added new books, but I want my older books too!

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          sjpt Level 4

          The books may still be on the harddrive somewhere, just not where ADE is expecting to see them.

          This is particularly likely if the reinstall of ADE was a different version than the previous install.

          I think they moved where books are saved.  I can't remember which ones save where, I've moved mine around a bit.

          C:\Users\<you>\Documents\My Digital Editions


          Have you scanned the entire hard drive to check if the books are there somewhere?

          The free Agent Ransack is a good tool for this: search for all .epub files.