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    Performance Help: AE CS6

    rlr29711 Level 1

      Hi All,


      Hoping to get some assistance in understanding the performance of my machine.  I custom built the system this past year, and am a bit frustrated with my After Effects performance when animating motion graphics.  My specs are below:


      3970x (currently no OC)

      2x Samsung 840 Pro SSD OS

      4x3TB Raid 10 Media drive

      64GB 2133mhz ram

      Quadro 4000

      GTX 680 4GB




      11 Actual CPUs Used

      4GB reserved for other Apps

      50GB Cache on OS SSD


      Project File is on OS SSD

      Media on Raid


      I am currently animating a project that, depending on the comp, contains around 35 illustrator layers. Once I keyframe everything, I pre-comp the layers and create a camera/orbit null.  Make the layers 3D and animate the camera.  I then add motion blur.  The RAM preview times are frustrating, as is the lag when I am tweaking layer/camera position.  It doesn't feel smooth, and sometimes is so slow it can hinder my work.


      The only properties I have keyframed are position and opacity.


      It is taking me somewhere near 12 minutes for a RAM preview around 30 seconds in length.


      Is this the expected performance for this machine?


      PS:  Does a GPU affect render time for any of the animation properties I am using?  I currently use my Quadro for AE.