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    Is there any way to avoid clipping and snipping?

    RoysScreenName Level 1

         With a tall stack of tracks, both Audio and Video, it is all but impossible to avoid clipping and snipping when working on one clip. Moving the clip into another spot will snip everthing along that vertical plane. Transforming the clip (ie lengthening it), ditto.

         I've only been able to deal with this with a time- and effort-consuming work-around: ie, moving the clip to the absolute end of the video, and working on it there.

         If I make any adjustments of the video clip in place, I have to move every audio along that vertical plane to a distant spot, in order no to clip the audio into little snippets.

         Doe anyone out there know of a simple way to avoid clipping and snipping, or is this just one of the blinding headaches one must accept when using Premiere Elements?



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I am not sure if we have discussed this previously, but one way to keep some control over arranging and adding clips to an existing Timeline is to hold down the Alt key of the computer main keyboard as you use the mouse cursor to add your clip to the Timeline or move things around. There are those who prefer the Ctrl key for this purpose. But, I stick with the Alt key and it works for me.


          Another interesting approach, if you have not encountered it yet....if you have a block of clips that you want to move, take your mouse cursor to select them all (altogether) and then click drag the highlight which will include all in it.


          The following is the Adobe point of view on Premiere Elements and arranging clips on the Timeline

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/WS9B8F8208-EAE8-4b49-A79B-9479B46A8981. html


          Please review and then let us know if any of the above targeted any of your workflow concerns.


          Thanks. More later.



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            RoysScreenName Level 1

               Romano (aka Porthos), right again, bubba!

               I can't even begin tell you how frustrating it was, moving a clip only to have everything on the tracks above and below it split open like dropped melons.

               I'm up to Take 103 on this puppy (and that doesn't include the scores of takes I've made to the ancillary animations and videos that I've created and inserted in the master video), so you can imagine the steam coming out of my ears when everything got sliced and diced.

               Using the Alt key when moving does the trick.

               I'll next give a look to see if any of the other tips at http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/WS9B8F8208-EAE8-4b4 9-A79B-9479B46A8981.html help as well.


               Again, thanks more than you can imagine.

               This video is vitally important to me, and without you and the other two Musketeers, I'd still be wandering around in the woods, bumping into trees.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              You are the driver with great insights into everything you do. We are but back seat drivers.


              Very grateful for the opportunity to help.





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                RoysScreenName Level 1

                   For heaven's sake, Porthos, put aside your fork and push the Humble Pie to someone else.

                   Without you guys, I couldn't have accomplished a thing, particularly your save on my ImageReady conversions to QuickTime movies, which had to be in ... is it H264?

                   I only wish I'd asked the question about slicing and dicing 100 or so takes back.


                   I have just one more video insertion into the master video, then I'll post the answer print to YouTube so you guys can give me your toughest critiques.

                   This won't be until another week or so. I'm having some difficulty with the lighting down on The Strip here in Vegas, which causes problems in the movies I'm taking there.


                   As always, my gratitude ... to all of you.