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    Parenting All Values of Effect

    Xoxidine Level 1

      I have 4 different green screen clips. At different points in time the 4 clips will display individually, 4 times each. So one clip is on screen 4 different times.


      So, Applying the keylight effect to my first clip and copy/paste-ing it to the rest of the similar clips is fine and dandy, but it would be nice if I could parent all values of the keylight effect on my remaining 3 clips, to the original. So making one adjustment, updates the rest of the similar clips.


      You can do this by using the pick while for each value that you may use, but it would be great if AfterEffects could do this for all values of the effect because they are the same effect.


      Is this possible? I can't seem to find a way to do it.