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    Coding advice needed for moving from CHM to 'true' Online Help

    symmetricalMan Level 1

      Apologies in advance if this is the incorrect forum for these questions. Apologies also if this is a little off-topic; I’m a tech-writer, and I use RoboHelp, but my questions are related to the underlying code that calls my Help files.


      Currently we produce Help in RoboHelp 10, exporting it as a CHM, and we’re looking to provide this content online.


      Our applications are written in a combination of VO (Visual Objects) and .NET (we’re slowly moving all the content over to .NET). This means that some of the Context ID calls to the Help .CHM are written in VO, others in .NET.


      The plan is to modify these calls so that instead of calling a CHM file, they point to a web page address. Can anyone point me in the direction of some help regarding this? I’d really love to see some coding examples of where others are doing this same call to a web page.


      The majority of our users have permanent online access. However, there are occasions where they might do an export of a patient’s data (our users are Doctors) and travel on-site, doing a ‘home visit’ for example. We have numerous users who live in remote regions of the country where there is poor or no Internet access. In such circumstances we need the code to detect that there’s no Internet access, and instead of trying to call a web page of Help content, the included local CHM file is called instead (i.e. the ‘traditional’ method of using a Context ID to display a locally-stored CHM Help file). Has anyone done this? I’d really like to see some code examples.