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      Ok I have just sent the message 2 times now I have to send a message again,


      Every day I get the message upgrade the flashplayer. I upgrade it all the time still get the message. I have upgraded it less than an hour ago now I have to do it again.


      Just HOW do I know if it is upgraded or not? HOW can I get this fixed? This is really a pain to do this over and over everyday


      Will you tell me in simple instructions how to do this? I have clicked on this and that so many times its pure stupid to do it again.


      Maybe the problem is with the flashplayer web sited.


      PLEASE emamil me the instrucitons. I will not come back here to some forum and look for the answer for days and never find it.


      I have no idea if you have my information or not  but it is


      [email address removed]     send it there thank you